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The terms "We" and "Papers n Reports" are used interchangeably. The Policy is split into three areas:

Privacy Policy
No Plagiarism Policy
Our committment to you

Our privacy policy is straightforward: We will NEVER give our customers’ names, e-mail addresses, details of their orders, or any other information about our customers to third parties.

Paper ownership: You own the papers you order. We will NEVER sell your papers to any other customer or third party, nor will we have any ownership rights on your paper.

Communication: Papers n Reports considers all communication (email, telephonic conversation, etc.) to be private correspondence between the sender and recipient. Therefore, we will never disclose the contents of your private communications with us to any third party.

Cookies: Papers n Reports does not use cookies in any form or for any function.

Advertising: Occasionally we will send you emails about our services. You can always choose to opt out of our emailing list. Your request will be honored immediately.

Payment information: Our billing partner collects your billing information, credit card numbers and other payment information to ensure the security of all transactions. This information will never be shared with third parties.

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No Plagiarism
What is Plagiarism?
According to the Northeastern University’s handbook, Writing for Academic and Professional Situations, the word plagiarism comes from the Latin plagium and means kidnapping. Or, in other words, plagiarism is to steal the language, ideas, or thoughts from another and represent them as one’s own work. Simply put, plagiarism is a serious matter. (Soroka, 2003). The following are unacceptable when it comes to using the ideas and words not our own (Soroka, 2003):

Word-for-word plagiarism is unacceptable
Close paraphrase is unacceptable
Patchwork plagiarism is unacceptable

How Papers n Reports handles the issue
Writers at PapersnReports.com are trained to avoid all forms of plagiarism and to reference all sources. There are no Cut and Paste jobs in our papers. Frequent discussions on this issue keep our writers aware of its seriousness. In five years of business, our customers have never complained of any form of plagiarism in their papers.

Our policy is that we will do a complete rewrite of your paper if there are any reported incidents of plagiarism. Each and every reference will be rechecked, the paraphrased material will be thoroughly scruitinized, and all your concerns will be fully addressed.

Soroka, S. (2003). Writing for academic and professional situations. Pearson Custom Publishing, pp. 94, 96-97.

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Our Committment to you
Our commitment to you is quality. Your papers are thoroughly researched, and written by expert writers.
Our commitment to you is originality. Your papers will be completely original, with all references quoted. There are no Cut and Paste jobs in the papers we write.
Our commitment to you is NO PLAGIARISM.
Our commitment to you is custom-written papers exactly according to your specifications.
Our commitment to you is full protection of your privacy. No information about you will ever be revealed to a third party.
Our commitment to you is delivery of your papers within 5-7 business days (unless otherwise agreed upon).
Our commitment to you is that we will make any number of changes to your paper free of charge until you are satisfied.

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